Exhibition Lex Grote in Kasteel Geldrop

Lex Grote, painter and author of the 'Eindhoven in Art​' articles in HOWDO Magazine, will exhibit his works in Kasteel Geldrop from Sunday 7 November to Sunday 12 December. 

Grote received his graphic education in Eindhoven and the Royal Academy of Art and Design in 's-Hertogenbosch, after which he developed further and gave his works his own personal shape. He takes the time for his paintings and is often busy with several works at the same time. By putting them “on hold” for a while and then continuing again later, he composes the final result.

Lex wants to capture in his performances what is going on inside him, whereby the working atmosphere in his studio is very decisive. A quiet environment with music ensures that he gets in the right mood and that something "great" is created, always asking himself: "what does the viewer see and experience" in my work.

Grote not only works in his studio, but also has both feet in society. He likes to share his experiences with other artists, for example by giving painting workshops at home and abroad. This is also instructive for him, because with the feedback from the participants he can also further develop himself. On Tuesday evening and Thursday morning, Grote teaches at "De Wiele Creatief" in Geldrop. 

The opening hours of the exhibition are on Thursday, Friday and Sunday afternoons from 14:00 to 17:00.

Kasteel Geldrop

Mierloseweg 1 Geldrop                                                                                                          

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