Eindhoven turns orange!

Orange is our national colour. It’s because of a long story from the 1500’s. But why does Eindhoven turn orange from the 25th of November until the 10th of December? It’s not because it’s Royal day or what we call it ‘Kingsday’ where we dress orange and feel our togetherness with each other. No, and our national team doesn’t play either.

The actual reason buildings in different districts in Eindhoven turn orange is because of female violence. Buildings like De Witte Dame, bicycle bridge Tegenbosch and De Zwerm will turn orange as a part of the international campaign from the founding ‘Orange the World’. This founding fights together with other foundations against female violence, not only at home but also on the streets.

Last year Eindhoven also joined to get attention for this amazing campaign. Not only Eindhoven participates in this campaign, over 160 different cities all over the world participate in this campaign. So the world turns a little bit orange for 16 days! Worldwide 1 in 3 females get to experience this kind of violence at home or on the streets, in the Netherlands it’s even 1 in 2 females on average.

Want to know more of this campaign? Visit the website!

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