Dutch bbq and inflatable pool culture

Summer is finally here! This great weather brings out the true Dutch summer culture. Which is all about grilling and inflatable pools. Let us get you up to date, so there will be no surprises at the next office bbq or hanging out with Dutch friends.

Koude schotel/rundvlees salade

Literally translated cold dish or beef salad. It is pretty much a throwback from the eighties but it seems to still be common with a bbq. There is no other dish in the world I could compare it to. But imagine a potato salad made with mashed potatoes infused with either stringy beef or corned beef. You either love it or hate it.


Sauce bottles

Fresh sauces aren’t a big thing in Dutch bbq culture. So be pepared fo lots of bottled sauce. Garlic sauce, cocktail sauce, you name it! It may not seem very cuisine, but it’s fun to try them all out. Also you can help yourself!


 Zwembadje/kiddie pool

Obviously Dutch people have pools in their yard as well. But most average Dutch households rely on a little inflatable kiddie pool to get everyone through summer. If a Dutch friend invites you and says we have a “zwembadje”, they mean bring swim stuff for your kids, not yourself.



Potluck is not a thing in the Netherlands and unless specifically asked, it is not expected to bring food yourself for a bbq invitation. However it is always nice to offer, and maybe internationals can change this custom! 


We hope we all have a nice summer, and internationals and locals keep growing together.

Make friends and have fun!


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