Do you remember these internet challenges?

For several years we have been seeing internet challenges on our social media. In some you have to do a dance, in others you have to try something new. Here are a few viral challenges that you will certainly remember. 

Harlem Shake

You may have also participated in this internet challenge back in 2013. This was one of the first trends that everyone started doing. The videos started with one person dancing to the song Harlem Shake. Around the person are people who at first do nothing, but when the beat drops everyone dances along or makes strange movements. Maybe you still have your video somewhere, it would be super funny to see it again!


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Everyone remembers this one. In 2014, you were hoping you weren't going to be nominated to do this challenge, because then you had to throw ice water over yourself. If you didn't do this, you had to donate money for ALS research. Of course you could also do the challenge and donate money. Many famous people participated in this, such as Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey. 


Charlie, Charlie 

This challenge was not for everyone. You laid out a piece of paper that had written yes twice and no twice on it. Then you had two pencils lying in a cross. With these, you could ask questions of the ghost Charlie. If the pencils moved, you were in contact with Charlie. 


Bean Boozled

For this challenge, you bought a box of jelly beans. Tasty, but there was a twist: it included jelly beans with a gross taste, like grass or rotten eggs. Doing this trend with friends was a fun thing to do, because some of the flavors were really gag-worthy. 


Most of these challenges were probably still in your memory. Although they are silly, we enjoy participating in them or just watching others do the harlem shake.

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