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Website RegioRadar Eindhoven is live!

RegioRadar Eindhoven offers an online shop window with cultural, recreational and sports events held during the day and evening; a local selection that is also interesting for anyone who wants to look around beyond the boundaries of their municipality. There is a constantly refreshed flow of programmes to explore. You can search based on your ‘mood’ (‘What do you feel like?’) or using the map. These clearly laid out pages offer plenty of inspiration. About routes to walk or cycle, locations of museums and castles or what you can do during the holidays. RegioRadar Eindhoven has a smart design and is perfect for mobile devices. 

The cultural and tourist information from all 21 regional municipalities will be unlocked in a joint open database, after which the editorial staff will prepare a selection for the RegioRadar and, during regional meetings, brainstorm about themes and campaigns and facilitate them for and with the network.

There is always something to do in the Eindhoven region.
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RegioRadar Eindhoven is offered to you by Uit in Eindhoven Regio: a network organisation that creates connections between the 21 regional municipalities and cultural organisations and has the objective of stimulating culture, tourism and facilities based on structural collaboration, in the interest of the more than 750,000 residents and visitors. The platform is supported by a contribution from the Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven. 

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