Creating, building and making genuine real-world connections - this is who I am, this is my passion!

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Tessy and I am the Activitree Lead Ambassador for Eindhoven. I have been living and working here for 6 years and can no longer imagine moving out of this energetic and innovative city.

The social connections and friendships I have nurtured over the past years combined with my curiosity for the international vibe of the city have transformed Eindhoven into my home. More than 125 years ago, Philips brought light to Eindhoven. The company turned the city into an industrial success story. Nowadays Eindhoven is a vibrant city in transition, a city bursting with creativity, innovation, technology, design and knowledge. Due to the big diversity of the city, Eindhoven has become a city comprised of smaller social circles. Our goal at Activitree is to build a community that looks like a homogenous, yet diverse puzzle, where people can meet each other based on their interests and passions.


What Am I doing?

My role as Lead Ambassador Eindhoven, is building and creating an active and lively offline community in and around Eindhoven. I do this together with a team of voluntary ambassadors. Together with my ambassadors, we are the eyes and ears of the city and organize all kinds of activities that meet the needs of people in and around Eindhoven.


What is Activitree?

Activitree is a social app that encourages people to connect in real life and meet for offline activities. We believe that our social life shouldn't only exist within our existing bubble and that - and that we can meet likeminded and enthusiastic people offline, who are just a few clicks away. Whether you have been living in our city for decades or just arrived, Activitree is for you and everyone like you! It will inspire you to fall in love with not just the city, but a side of you that’s just waiting to emerge.

Our mission is to go beyond simply creating online connections. We want to -empower people to meet in real life - easily and organically. Activitree is created to make meeting people who share the same interests more approachable and accessible to everyone!

Activitree unites the best of both worlds – it was born as an online tool designed to facilitate meaningful offline connections. It’s a chance for people with diverse interests, curiosities, talents, passions, skills, knowledge, and appetite for unforgettable experiences to connect and cultivate lasting relationships in a simple and accessible way.


Create, Join and Share

CREATE | Do you want to share your passions, have an activity in mind and would love to do it together? Create your own activity on Activitree. - Download the app, become a member, and create your own activities for free. Are you a car geek, an Indian food enthusiast, or an art soul looking for fellow artists? Your people are out there and Activitree can help you find them! JOIN | If you have no plans and want to discover something fun and exciting to do with awesome people, we’ve got your back! Jump on Activitree and join the activities organized by our enthusiastic and friendly ambassadors. SHARE | You’ve created your own activity or would like to share an existing one with a friend? Activitree’s third party integrations will allow you to share any activity via Whatsapp, Facebook, and email.


How to join?

Become an Eindhoven Ambassador in our community and help us fight loneliness! Are you a social butterfly, who gets energized by bringing people together and organizing activities? Contact me with an e-mail to: You will take the lead by organizing activities, we will help you by finding people to join. #GoTogether, make friends, share experiences, support others and let’s create a more connected world! Curious about updates? Follow us on social media @activitree

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