Christopher Columbus Day

October 12th. The day that Christopher Columbus discovered America. His journey -along with several fellow travellers- was an invention that was created by a mistake, with ‘good’ intensions. 

In America, by mistake

Christopher Columbus – originally Christoffel Columbus- was an Italian explorer who convinced the naysayers that he could travel around the world. His goal was to reach with to Asia from the west. The main reason he wanted travel, was because wants to look for spices India. His first journey started in 1492. After months of traveling through the sea with 90 other sailors, he finally discovered what he thought was India because he saw ‘Indians’ on an island. In reality, he was in America. Years later other journeys followed. His fourth and last big travel, was his trip to the coast of Venezuela. He died in 1506. 



Many saw him as a pioneer, others view him differently. According to newspaper ‘Het Parool’ Mexico City is removing the statue of Christopher Columbus because the protesters wanted to remove it. According to these activists the American explorer was part of a cruel activity by harming the native Americans. This was originally posted by journalist Joaquín López-Dóriga on Twitter

After Columbus’ passing, many believe that he was one who made the transition from the Middle Ages to the modern times.


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