Children have outdoor lessons today!

Today is National Outdoor Lesson Day. Schools all over the Netherlands and Belgium participate and let children learn outside. Last year 3200 schools participated in this fun but also educational day.

The National Outdoor Education Day is organized by Jantje Beton and IVN Natuureducatie.
This year is the sixth edition. The day is developed so that children go outside more during
school hours. Many different subjects are given, such as world studies, math and language.
The day is also not just for elementary school children, but also for secondary and special

Why go outside?
Children learn better outside, because there is more room to play, move around, discover
and explore. The combination of daylight and fresh outdoor air helps children concentrate
better. And the exercise they get at the same time is also very healthy.

Children and teachers are positive
Research continues to show that children enjoy lessons more while they're outside and also
like to exercise more through outdoor lessons. They say they remember the lessons better
and most would like to have outdoor lessons once a week. Elementary school students who
have played outside behave better in class; they are more task-oriented. In addition, children who use their bodies while learning perform better in class.

Teachers are also enthusiastic: 89 percent wants to teach outside more often and they also
expect that it will benefit children a lot in the long run. They think that students will participate more actively and that the lesson material will stick to them better.

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