Brick Ballet: a performative artwork on connection.

Do you ever feel alone? It can be complicated to connect with someone else. Especially if the other person behaves differently, looks different or has different standards. Sometimes it seems easier to distance yourself. But without rapprochement there is no contact, right?

Brick Ballet invites the audience to experience the intangibility, uncertainty and magic of contact when people and brick installation approach each other. In fact, we all have trouble finding balance; we fear rejection, we fight for control and we are reluctant to surrender. Is it really necessary to let go? With body and bricks, Baksteen Ballet presents a sincere quest for contact.

Baksteen Ballet is a performative installation in which dance, theater and visual art come together. What started as an artistic quest based on a personal story, quickly developed into an artistic research of interdisciplinarity and spatial composition; an investigation into harmony, chaos and meaningful connection.

Brick Ballet is supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and TAC Eindhoven.

When: 5th and 6th August 2022. 20:00/16:00 and 20:00

Where: TAC Eindhoven; Vonderweg 1,Eindhoven,5611 BK,NL

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Technical info:

Concept and performance: Ineke Noordhuizen, Jonice van Gemert and Vitória Aquino

Light: Dennis Bruynseels

Sound design: Andre Schoorlemmer

Dramaturgy: Liza Kardami

Trusses: Peter van Nierop

Programming and 3D printing: Toine Kuipers and Rudy Verbeek

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