Why do only 20% of the population in the Netherlands visit the theatre?

Brainport Podia is a cooperation between six cultural venues in the Eindhoven region: De Schalm Veldhoven, Het Speelhuis & De Cacaofabriek Helmond, De Hofnar Valkenswaard, Parktheater Eindhoven, De Kattendans Bergeijk.

from left to right: Sjoert Bossers (De Schalm Veldhoven), Jochem Otten (Het Speelhuis & De Cacaofabriek Helmond), Paul L’Herminez (De Hofnar Valkenswaard), Monique van den Berg (Project Leader), Giel Pastoor (Parktheater Eindhoven) and Dries Floris (De Kattendans Bergeijk)

Amber Litjens and Emiel van Uden are Business Innovation students at Avans Hogeschool and they're conducting a survey about theater visits of the inhabitants of this region, as only 20% of the population in the Netherlands visits the theater. They want to find out why 80% of the people don't go to the theatre, and what theatres can do to make everyone feel welcome and enjoy coming. 

It would be great if you would take the time to help them, it will only take 5 minutes! The survey is available in 6 languages and the link to the survey:

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