Black Friday is coming again!

This year on the 26th of November it’s Black Friday, we all know what it is as every store promotes it. But where did it come from? In the United States every Friday after Thanksgiving day is called Black Friday. On the day after Thanksgiving day nearly all employees get an extra day off. Black Friday is the start of Christmas shopping. The name ‘Black Friday’ started being used in 1981. It’s always a chaotic day, as there are many good sales in stores.

In the Netherlands and the rest of Europe we have taken over the Black Friday concept our own way. Since 2015 it could be seen in nearly every store and web shop. Here our stores have all kinds of slick ways to sell more products, and earn more money. We think all of the companies give high discounts on their products because of the name Black Friday, while there is a small chance that it’s actually a good discount. The Dutch Consumers Association did research on the ‘fake’ discounts as it’s forbidden here, and they came on an average of 9 out of 10 discounts that were not as lucrative as the customer thinks. All in all, we can conclude that it is above all a good marketing campaign for the stores. 

Until a few years ago Black Friday was a chaotic day, as people were waiting all day and night in front of  stores to get the best discounts as soon as possible. Hundreds of people crushed through the doors of the stores to get it first, which led to people injuring themselves and sometimes there have even been cases where people died. Nowadays we use online shopping more and more, so it isn’t as busy at the stores anymore. Black Friday isn’t just a day anymore, it’s more like a Black Week nowadays. While our covid rules in the Netherlands are tightened up, some stores have decided not to continue with the Black Friday sales. 

There’s a website where you can find all of the Black Friday sales we have in our stores! 


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