Bike paddling: the trend of summer 2021

Have you ever gone paddle boarding? Then there's something new for you to try: bike paddling. Bike paddling is paddle boarding, but on a bicycle. This is said to be the trend of this summer.

With paddle boarding, you stand up straight on a kind of surfboard and you move forward with a paddle. With bike boarding, there's a bike on the board. The trend comes from Spain. The bike-board was developed there and people often bring it along on large yachts as entertainment.


A hobby for everyone

You would think that this hobby is quite exhausting. You have to cycle hard because you have to pedal through the water. But it's not so bad compared to regular paddling, because you're relaxed on your bike. Wih paddle boarding you have to be able to keep your balance. Bike paddling is super stable, so you can't really fall in the water.


The activity of this summer

It is the ideal activity for this summer. Enjoy trying something new, together with friends and family. The sun is shining and you are in the water with a beautiful view. And you can keep enough distance from each other.


So far, there is no company that rents out the bikes in Eindhoven, but that will definitely come in the future. It is definitely a must to try with friends and family this summer. It's easy for everyone and it's a great way to enjoy the sunny weather together!

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