Beautiful weather, take a walk!

The sun has given us a very nice spring feeling these past days! Instead of sitting in the office all day, you can also enjoy an afternoon of walking.


Eindhoven has many nice neighborhoods to walk around, such as Strijp-S. Strijp-S used to be known as the "forbidden city" and was only accessible to Philips employees. Nowadays, this has changed. The neighborhood has been transformed into a big hotspot where you can find anything. The old factories have been transformed into cool vintage shops and restaurants have also found their place. Furthermore, the new flats keep rising from the ground here! 


There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Strijp-S. There are different restaurants where you can get a nice coffee or a tasty sandwich, which is delicious! And with this beautiful weather, it's very nice to sit on the benches or on the marked terraces. Even though we still have to wait a little bit to be allowed back into the shops, it is already a pleasure to look through the windows. From vintage clothes to beautiful furniture or artwork. It is all still there to be seen.


So, it all sounds like a lot of fun! 

We are fans of Strijp - S and have three Fun facts for you below!



The New York Times even mentioned MU, Urban Shopper, Yksi Expo, Ketelhuis and Brouwerij het Veem as must-visits in Eindhoven!



If you look at the Klokgebouw, pay attention next time to see that the numbers have been replaced by the letters "Philips"! 



Before Natlab became the best film house of the area, it was a big laboratorium. Even Albert Einstein used to be here, among other great scientists.


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