Autumn in the Netherlands!

They are back. The cold and windy days that make you want to stay in your bed. Well, don’t stay in your bed because there’s loads of things you can do! In the Netherlands we are used to this weather, as we don’t have it specifically in the autumn only, this weather is for the average ‘Dutchie’ normal in the summer also.

Keeping your house cozy and warm is very important, so light up some candles in the evening, pamper yourself with a warm cup of coffee and a piece of appeltaart met ‘slagroom’ (typical dutch apple pie with whipped cream) and watch series on Netflix or play board games! Do you feel cozy yet? Making a walk through the beautiful parks or forests we have in the Netherlands is also a thing to do. With a cold wind, maybe a bit of rain (not too much!) and all the leaves that fell of the trees, it looks beautiful, you’ll experience autumn in a whole different way! 

Visiting museums is very interesting as well, we have loads of them! In Eindhoven we have the Philips museum. In this museum you can see and experience the whole story of Philips! You could also visit the preHistorisch dorp. It’s a museum where you can experience and feel living the life that people used to live way back, kids like this museum because there’s loads of activities you can do there!

Autumn isn’t as boring as it can feel sometimes!


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