Skating, dancing, partying. Hopefully it will be possible again soon at Urban sports centre Area 51!


The other day we went to Area 51 at Strijp and Cailynn and I received a tour!

Area 51 is a large urban sports centre where urban culture and sports are the focus. The aim of the centre is to host culture and sport equally. This means that you can skate and dance here, but you can also take a look at the remarkable culture. What makes this tour so special is that the hotspot is undergoing renovation and is therefore still closed!


We took a look in the main hall, where the construction workers are working hard on the skate ramps. The alterations have created a lot of new space, including four dance studios! There is a completely new cafeteria where you can enjoy a drink. The new lift also makes it a lot more accessible for visitors who are in wheelchairs, for example.


During the tour, we were told that the park recycles a lot, like the wooden skate ramps and the windows. Very good for the environment! There is also an enormous space under the Urban sports centre. Because the building was originally a Phillips factory, there is an old dressing room in the basement. We found this very special because even the old tiles from the past were still there, just like the old holes in the ceiling for the machines!


In this basement, they are working hard to create an event space. Various urban cultural activities will take place here. Super cool when you consider that years ago people worked in that room. The basement is attached to a 75-metre long tunnel that leads to the Keterhuisplein. Ideal! 


At the moment, as mentioned earlier, the centre is not yet open. This is also due to the current Covid restrictions. But Area 51 is certainly not sitting still next to the renovations! Every week there are different outdoor classes for BMX or Skateboarding. Check the site for the possibilities! They can probably explain you perfectly how to stand on a skateboard since they have been named the best skatepark team of the world in 2020!


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