The weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable and changeable. Almost as bad as a child in a candy shop. One week we may see lightning and rain, the next week we may be enjoying a picnic in a park with a nice 19 degrees temperature or we are sitting on a terrace.

We Dutch people are extremely good at complaining about the weather, because when is it ever right? The rain certainly delays work and you may arrive at work soaking wet, but is it really that bad? 

I think that despite your wet clothes and bad hair, the rain has its charms. This is why I'm writing an ode to the rain and what great benefits it has.


The feeling of returning home

How nice is it to come home from a working day and to be able to take off your wet clothes and pull on your warm home suit? 


Big clean-up

After all the salt from the roads being gritted, or the mess people leave behind on the streets, a natural clean-up is not unnecessary. 


The sound 

Some people love it, others hate it: the tapping of the rain on the window. It’s nice to listen to and wonderful to fall asleep to.


Exercising in the rain

There is more oxygen in the air when it rains. This increases your performance. So, run an extra lap! 


Good for your hair 

Many people don't like it when their hair is wet from the rain, but the water is actually very good for your hair! It makes your hair softer because there is less calcium in rainwater than in water pipes. It also makes beautiful waves, a natural hairdresser.


Extra enjoyment

The harder the rain and the worse the weather is, the more you appreciate it when the weather is sunny and you can enjoy yourself in a park again! 


So, for all those who are complaining about the rain this week, plenty of benefits and extra enjoyment when the sun is shining again! 

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