5 typical Dutch habits

You've probably already noticed some typical Dutch habits, like always giving your opinion. Here are a few habits that you'll also recognize. 

1. Telling how much something cost

If you compliment a Dutch person on their clothes, they have to tell you how much it costs. Maybe we just can't accept a compliment. 


2. Birthday calendar on the toilet

You've probably gone to someone's bathroom and spotted a calendar there. Why do the Dutch do this? No idea. But if you get bored on the toilet, you can take a look to see when someone's birthday is and whether you're on the calendar too!


3. Circle birthdays 

On birthdays, we sit in a circle. We don't only congratulate the birthday person (with three kisses), but also his or her entire family.  There are pieces of salami and cheese on the table. Then the deep-fried snacks come around again and you have to pass the plate to the person next to you. 


4. Complaining about the weather

It's always too cold or too hot. The weather is an easy topic of conversation: everyone has their own opinion about it. And the weather in the Netherlands changes a lot. Complaining can be horribly irritating, but it can also create a bond. Because you think the same about something together, you share something in common. Besides, we love to complain and tell it like it is. 


5. Make an appointment first if you want to come by

"Can I stop by?" "Shall we go to the movies tonight? Then you'll need to make an appointment in advance. We don't like spontaneous visits. And if you are visiting, many Dutch people also want you gone before they eat. 

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