3x vegan Hotspots in Eindhoven


Vegan Heroes 

Vegan Heroes is a restaurant where they of course sell vegan food but they don’t sell only regular salads. No, they sell junk food! And then I mean fries and burgers they even have vegan döner. The food looks really good, they have pink burgers and the fries are from sweet potatoes. Besides a nice color the dishes also have great names like Rumbly in your Tumbly. It is definitely recommended for vegans and for non-vegans. Hurry up and get your vegan fast food!


Sri Ganesh

Who said that Indian food can’t be vegan? Not me! Because Sri Ganesh is a vegan Indian restaurant based in Eindhoven. Some regions in India eat a lot of meat and some regions don’t eat meat. But in this restaurant no one eats meat! The restaurant is 100% vegan, and still has everything that you are used to from an Indian restaurant. Delicious!



PHOOD is a whole other concept than Vegan Heroes and Sri Ganesh, it’s all about unprocessed food that means biological. In and next to the restaurant they have a farm where they produce all their vegetables by themselves! To be honest I never heard of a restaurant like this before! The customers can also take a look at the farm! On the menu you can find oysters, potatoes, mushroom spring rolls, salads, bowls, and  a lot more. Got interested? Go take a look at PHOOD!


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